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"Mooommm, make it stop!" | by amethystrainn
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"Mooommm, make it stop!"

My sweet, precious boy is feeling bad. Last night, as he tried to jump on his dad's lap, we heard him shriek like never before, and then he ran out of the room. He's pretty much been tensed up and/or shaking ever since. He was restless all night. He didn't want to walk this morning. Scariest thing yet... when he ate, he was very slow about it. NOT like our boy! And this morning I offered him a cereal flake and he wouldn't get on the bed to get to it. He doesn't lay still on the bed, he gets down.



Thank you all for your caring wishes. Tyler saw his vet late this morning and back pain is suspected. He went through something similar in January, so this could be related. The vet thinks Tyler's back went "out" on him during the jump onto his dad's lap.


Because Tyler has problems with reflux and his stomach might be sensitive to the usual anti-inflammatory for such a condition, he gave us two new drugs: Tramadol and methocarbamol. He said they should help with the pain and relax Tyler's muscles for a few days.


So now this little guy is on FIVE meds at a time and that is scary. He takes Pepcid and Reglan for his reflux, then he gets his walk and food, and half an hour later he gets the pain meds. That seems like too much! He also gets Carafate to coat his stomach, but that is spaced at least 2 hours from anything else so it doesn't interfere with the meds being absorbed.


Tyler's vet said the pain meds would not make him 'dopey' or drowsy at all. He said he's probably going to feel so good on the meds he will try to be active so we have to keep him still. I gave the meds at lunch time, but when I got home from work, two things seemed strange:


1) He still acts like he is in pain. Still some grunting and his tail is pointed down.

2) Tyler does appear to be sedated! He barely moved when I got home, and he stands around looking like he doesn't know where he is.


He still ate his supper, but when I tried to take him outside, he would not walk. It took ten minutes to get him halfway down the driveway at a snail's pace. Finally I carried him to a spot where he usually pees, but he wouldn't do anything. I stayed there a long time, but he just stood there wanting to go back home. :-( I'm not sure if that's caused by all the meds, or by him being in pain. Anyone whose dogs have taken those drugs (tramadol and methocarbamol)?

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Taken on October 6, 2007