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Crappiest Cell Phone In The World | by AMERICANVIRUS
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Crappiest Cell Phone In The World

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I pretty much have the crappiest cell phone in the world. I bought it about 2 years ago for $19.99 at the corner minimart. I hardly ever use it. For the most part it sits in my glove compartment. Whenever I call to recharge it the recording is in Spanish until it says, "... for directions in english press #2." I've been using it a little more often lately to check in on my Dad in North Hollywood. The other day I left it on and the battery ran out. After recharging, the phone defaulted back to displaying everything in Spanish. I tried off and on for a few days to get that thing back to english. I finally had to give it to Mary who figured it out in a couple of seconds. My friends with 'real cell phones' have all tried to convince me to make the leap. The thing is, I've got a girlfriend who can read spanish, my phone cost me less than $20, my plan (recharging the thing) costs me less than $19 a month, and with the money I've saved I've been able to buy a nice camera and a few very nice lenses. I still think my priorities are in order.

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Taken on July 3, 2009