Jim Hadden's Road Race Falcon
Purchase in 2013 for a television shown on the Discovery Channel the "Falcon" was a joint Project with Joe Smith and Brad Smith (1958-2009) of Sullivan Motorsports of Dallas,Texas and American Race Components .A majority of the roll cage ,fuel cell ,and chassis support work was done by Joe and Brad Smith of famed "Joe Smith Race Cars ". Brad passed away last year so we are now completing the car to be run in "A-sedan" and to be entered in the "La Carrera Panamericana ".

All the custom suspension modifications were done by us at American Race Components .The car was assembled with small block ford and Tex Racing 4 speed,other components include a Roush Yates 9" Detroit Locker ,vintage legal Mono-balled control arms , EPS narrow rear leaf springs. 3" x-pipe exhaust with oval side exits.

The plan was to assemble the car so we could test drive in before complete disassemble for paint. The "Falcon " was fired off and test driven before a minor engine issue sidelined the test. After the repair was finished we again test drove it in the neighborhood . The owner had plans to move out of state and decide to sell the "Falcon" .It was purchased by one of the co-host's of a national television show. But as you can see from the pictures and the videos this car was a running ,driving car. The plan was to install windows and take it to our local track "Motorsport Ranch" for shakedown runs,unfortunately because of my workload and Jim moving out of the state we never were able to get it on track....

Starting with a sand blasted shell Joe Smith and Brad Smith ( "JR" ) Fabricated a 4130 Chrome moly roll cage with square tube subframe connectors. rear end housing. seat mounts, fuel cell mount. column and tin work.

Our shop focused on the suspension and assemble so Jim could drive "The Falcon " in the parking lot leading up on track testing before the car was torn down for paint and reassemble .

Front suspension.
: ARC mono ball upper and lower control arms with Howe ball joint.
:ARC adjustable strut rods.
:big snout spindles
: ARC spring adjusters upper shock mounts
: Adjustable sway bar
:RCD shocks
:4 piston ford calipers-custom brackets

Rear suspension.
:EPS narrow leaf springs
:Ride Tech shocks
: lift bars
:Sullivan /ARC 9 " housing
:adjustable panhard bar
:ARC sway bar
: Roush Yate 3.90 center section
:Strange drum brakes
: Rare Parts steering linkage

:302 mule motor-for test drive
:Tilton bellhousing .multi disc clutch
:Tex- Racing t-10
:Inland drive shaft
:Howe radiator

The car was assembles and driven around the parking lot as the customer requested. The plan was to tear the car down and powder coat the entire tub. Jim decided to sell the car because he moved out of the state. Jim Had a past history with Gas Monkey garage as he was the owner of the Mustang drag car that was sold at Barret-Jackson a few years earlier .

This Falcon was was sold to Aaron by Jim Hadden. No one after Jim owned this car before Aaron owned it.
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