• Light Blue Nursery
    Alma Thomas
    oil on canvas
    Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the artist, 1970.324
  • Hot Beat
    Gene Davis
    oil on canvas
    Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the Woodward Foundation, 1976.108.33
  • Abstraction
    Rosalind Bengelsdorf
    oil on canvas
    Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Patricia and Phillip Frost, 1986.92.10
  • Light Blue Nursery
    Alma Thomas
    oil on canvas
    Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the artist, 1970.324

Fill the Gap: Case 40b (December, 2010). COMPLETED February 2011.

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This gap will be filled by public vote! Over the next few months, visitors to the Luce Foundation Center will be able to vote for their favorite artwork to fill this gap, based on a pool of around a dozen objects selected by staff.

See case case 45b for a completed example of a Fill the Gap public vote.

We will post all suggestions to this page. Email AmericanArtLuce@si.edu for more information, or if you would like the chance to vote from afar.

This image is part of the Luce Foundation Center for American Art Fill the Gap Project.

  1. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 15
    Untitled Abstraction
    Wilfrid Zogbaum

    1. "Would mesh nicely w/ the other paintings in the case."
    2. "It would look nice with the other paintings in the case."
    3. "It's awesome"
    4. "Geometric like others, similar color base but will not be lost and blend with others due to the different patterns."
    5. "The other paintings in the case are very colorful and they need a less colorful balance. Also an interesting piece."
    6. "I believe that it complements the other paintings in this section well, especially in terms of color + form."
    7. "The colors work the best to make a total visually appealing wall." The Big M
    8. "Appealing"
    9. [No comment given.]
    10. "It's colorful."
    11. "Perfect combination of color and geometry." ES
    12. "It fits with the others. The same level of abstraction, but a different type."
    13. "Interesting shapes, familiar colors."
    14. [No comment given.]
    15. Bold colors & shapes like the other pieces in this display--but this will add a different dynamism & movement." HF

  2. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 4
    Tierney's pick
    Friedel Dzubas

    1. "When I looked Ouray up on Google, I got a ton of hits for a small mountain town in Colorado. Was Dzubas’ painting inspired by the town nicknamed the Switzerland of America? I think it fits this case regardless of whatever inspired Dzubas." Tierney
    2. [No comment given.]
    3. "because it matches the other paintings" Dago
    4. [No comment given.]

  3. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 7
    Electric Chair
    Wayne Thiebaud

    1. "Brightly colored gruesome object highlights dichotomy of the way things are portrayed as opposed to what they actually are."
    2. [No comment given.]
    3. "Most interesting painting that fits well w/ colors. Only drawback is that it's representational."
    4. [No comment given.]
    5. [No comment given.]
    6. "Great artist."
    7. "Intense color, energetic."

  4. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 20
    Rebecca's pick
    Max Kozloff

    1. "I like the variety of colors Kozloff uses in this painting. The mix of colors and short brushstrokes emanates a feeling of detailed chaos. " Rebecca
    2. "Use of color."
    3. "I like the colors + the up beat feeling."
    4. [No comment given.]
    5. "Of the selections, I like this the Best."
    6. [No comment given.]
    7. "Awesome."
    8. "It's just too beautiful to just sit in storage unseen by others!"
    9. "Because the colors compliment the other 3 paintings in the case, while the brushstrokes are in dazzling contrast to the other 3 works." LeeAnn-docent in training
    10. "The nude colors are what drew me in."
    11. "Kazloff's piece is a stand-alone, like the others in this gallery." Jessica Williams
    12. "Color + balance. Chaotic but warm and inviting."
    13. [No comment given.]
    14. [No comment given.]
    15. "Love the colors, the brightness and the hint of mystery." Cheryl Rollen
    16. "This piece will be a chaotic contrast to the order of Alma Thomas and Gene Davis' pieces." The Staszak sisters
    17. "Because so many colors are mixed together. It is really pretty." Ilse, age 5
    18. "Because it doesn't repeat the pattern."
    19. "I just want to see it in person!"
    20. "Color, brush strokes, [illegible]"

  5. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 7
    George Ortman

    1. "It fills the gap. From industrial to organic. Pink is nice." Kerry Smith
    2. "It creates relief from bold colors + angles. Keeps movement." Sara DB
    3. "This work breaks up the geometry of the other pieces on the wall while also unifying them with a similar color palette." Owlie
    4. "Echos the brushstrokes of Thomas, the asymetricality of Bengelsdorf, the colors of Davis + is just beautiful."
    5. [No comment given.]
    6. [No comment given.]
    7. "Needs something to break up the lines."

  6. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 9
    Hans Hofmann

    1. "Because it's figurative + B+W [black and white] which provides a nice contrast to the others."
    2. [No comment given.] Anon
    3. "It gives organic balance to the other pieces."
    4. "I'm usually drawn to brighter colors, but there is something I love about this piece. It seems to be a seated figure yet is full of movement & so expressive. The coloring makes it look like an exposed photograph negative. Love it!" Mara, Museum Studies Student, GWU
    5. "Color seems to be a recurring theme is this space/aisle, as well as lines. I think this piece provides all the lines and movement that the other pieces have, but provides a break in terms of color." Joel Carela, Photographer
    6. "AMAZING!!!"
    7. "It's the best one."
    8. [No comment given.]
    9. "Black and white/gray work would fill in the colorless balance in this aisle." SNU GSIS

  7. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 6
    Erin's pick
    Nathan Oliveira

    1. "Renowned artist Nathan Oliviera just recently passed away in November, and his large painting Seascape would certainly “fill” the large gap in this case. The stunning work also stands apart from other seascape paintings we usually see here in the Luce Foundation Center, yet the colors and brushstrokes still seem to simulate grayish waves of the ocean and gold reflections of the sun." Erin
    2. "RIP"
    3. "It provides a welcome contrast to the other works, equally playful though calming."
    4. "Maybe I'm wrong but I think it's a nice contrast to the structure surrounding it and I like it. Who doesn't like art."
    5. [No comment given.]
    6. [No comment given.]

  8. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 3
    The Bottle
    Karl Knaths

    1. "It makes me feel happy because it looks like a kitchen. And I am happy when I am in the kitchen." Danielle Stewart, Philadelphia, PA
    2. "Just like the work. Very interesting."
    3. "Of the same oeuvre as the other three but edgier."

  9. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 2
    Mary's pick
    Don Quixote
    Charles Pollock

    1. "At first I am drawn in by the deep blues and maroon-reds used in the painting. Then I focus on the abstract form in the center, which to me looks like a happy dancing skeleton with an absurdly long nose!" Mary
    2. "It matches well with the other paintings in the display. Also painting is visually interesting w/ the contrast and sense of movement." Daniel Walfield

  10. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 13
    "Reason Is Language, Logos."--Johann Georg Hamann (1730-1738). From the series Great Ideas.
    Herbert Bayer

    1. [No comment given.]
    2. "This artwork fits the theme of the wall with the bright colors and geometric shapes."
    3. "This piece works well with the color scheme."
    4. [No comment given.]
    5. "I think this painting should "fill the gap" because its colors match and stand-out." Virginia Bruhn, age 10
    6. "Stunning piece!"
    7. "it visually fits with the other paintings, but with enough difference (the clouds, the orb) so that it won't blend in."
    8. "Because it has stripes."
    9. [No comment given.] FS
    10. "It has math"
    11. "Color, style, and shapes within best bring the collection together."
    12. "It shows a lot of colors but also sort of teaches about rainbows."
    13. "The colors are captivating, it makes me smile to see it." A Woman of Taste

  11. americanartmuseum 51 months ago | reply

    Votes = 23
    Bridget's pick
    Red Span
    Thomas Downing

    1. "I think the artist, as a member of the Washington Color School, is the perfect fit for this case! Also, Downing was from Virginia—like me!" Bridget
    2. "It fits in with the general geometric theme of the wall. Striking and sharp. Reminds me of a coastal road." Vicky
    3. "Colors reflect the others on wall + semicircle on lower right echos the circle on the painting on its right."
    4. "Flow of vibrant colors is very exciting and interesting. You stop and pay attention to it." Esmerelda Joyce
    5. "I think this goes along with everything else in the case. And my fave color is red!" Amena Johnson, Hyattsville, MD
    6. "Match the theme of the other 3 paintings."
    7. "The broad color bands seem to provide an "anchor" for the other pieces, as if these bands almost disperse and fragment into the other pieces."
    8. "It is the same style as the other paintings on the case." Arielle F.
    9. "Most other suggestions are too complex and draw attention from rather than complimenting the other works in the case. Bold colors. Simple design."
    10. "The curve of the lines would make your eyes travel."
    11. "It needs bright, bold colors + this has those qualities."
    12. "We likey."
    13. "It will compliment other paintings in this case by shape & color." N.N
    14. "It fits with other portraits."
    15. "It has a similar feel to the other paintings in the case."
    16. "The color & geometric shape complement the other three pieces in the space." JNS
    17. "The artwork goes well with the other pieces in this section."
    18. "The stark geometry and crisp blocks of color make this the most suitable neighbor for the paintings around it. But the curves allow it to stand out too." Max
    19. "It goes very well with Alma Thomas, and Gene Davis! It's also a representation of a Washington Color school Artist." Anonymous
    20. "Wonderful work akin to Rosalind Bengelsdorf's 22 years earlier."
    21. [No comment given.]
    22. "Looks most appropriate for the gap's location." Guy B.
    23. "This picture fits the best to the other ones on the wall. The colors are [illegible] the most with each other." Nicole, age 20 from Germany

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