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Voter intimidation scam in Southbridge, MA

This is the billboard on Hook Street in Southbridge, right across from the RMV parking lot.


My two big issues with the billboard:


1. Lack of specific attribution information. Misleading political advertisements from mysterious political groups on television always have some sort of language in them that says "This is a message from Uncontroversial Seniors for America" or "Paid for by the Committee for Shiny Happy People" or what have you. Is the law somehow different for print advertising? Could I legally start a group called "Don't Pay Your Taxes" and put up a misleading sign across from my local tax collector's office, with only the name of the group for attribution?


2. Location & proximity to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The ID the woman in the picture is holding is the latest redesign of the Massachusetts driver's license, which has gone through several changes and upgrades in the last ten years. This in and of itself would seem innocuous, but the fact that the sign is a) across the RMV parking lot and b) doesn't have any specific attribution language makes the sign seem more like some sort of official notice from the state.


(Photo ID is *NOT* a requirement for voting in Tuesday's election. As long as you are registered to vote all you need to do is show up at the polls.)


For more info:

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Taken on April 9, 2011