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Heritage: Dai Anga Tomb, Lahore

Behind the Gulabi Bagh Gateway and on the site of the former garden, lies the tomb of wet-nurse of Mughul Emperor Shah Jehan (builder of Taj Mahal). She was the daughter of Mughul minister, Murad Khan.


From the incription on the walls it appears that the tomb was completed in 1082 A.H (1671 A.D). The Tomb is sits on a low platform under which lies the actual grave of Dai Anga. Eight rooms surroud the tomb which lies in the center from where all these rooms radiate. Once the entire tomb must have looked stunning due to enameled mosaic work. Now much of that is gone. One can, however, see the glimpses of the former glory on the roof where the low pitched, high nexk dome stands.


(Some of this description is written outside the tomb).

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Taken on March 28, 2008