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In My Dream, How Quinn and Emily Shot Ethan | by amdaily
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In My Dream, How Quinn and Emily Shot Ethan

Scene: upscale café of the European variety. Ryan, Quinn, Emily, Ethan and myself (Porterfield might be about) are sitting around a large marble table, drinking coffee and small glasses of liqour.


After an intense discussion between Ethan, Emily and Quinn, it is decided that Emily has to shoot Ethan. The purported reason for Ethan's imminent execution has to do with some slight on Ethan's part, involving a female friend of Emily's whose named M-. Ethan seems resigned to his fate.


Ryan and I strenuously object, but we are overruled by Emily, Quinn and Ethan, who all pronounce that this is proper.


Quinn and Emily set up a camera-pistol (which more resembled a Rolleiflex TLR camera than the pictured Walther PPK) on a tripod. Ethan quietly sets himself up in front of the camera. After making final adjustments, Emily takes two pictures/fires two rounds.


Quinn, Ryan and I take Ethan, injured but alive, to the hospital in an old-fashioned checkered cab, driven by a man who looks a lot like a dirty Gerard Depardieu.


At some point Ryan and I realize that Ethan's "execution" was actually an elaborate art project.


Ryan and I, on either side of Ethan, supporting him, look for the ER, and wait for an elevator to take us to it.


At this point I awoke.


Somebody page Dr. Freud.

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Uploaded on December 31, 2008