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Day 267 ~ Potty Mouths

Yep - this is pretty much how we talk. I tend to do a fairly good job editing my language when I type - only using it for emphasis - but in my day to day 'not behind a computer' life, the curse words flow like crazy. I'm pretty sure I got it from my mom (hi, mom!) and Rj, no doubt, got it from the military.


Rj mentioned today that he thought it would be a good idea for us to start paying more attention to what we say - mainly so we don't raise a socially unacceptable child. And after seeing the stares that the poor mom of a four year old yelling 'Jesus' repeatedly at Gymboree the other day received from the fellow moms, I most certainly don't want to be put in that same situation. So, starting today, we have a plan to clean up our language.


I've heard tons of people do the 'put a quarter in a jar every time you curse', but I'd really like to buy groceries this coming up week. Our plan is to hit each other when we don't correct ourselves. I'm probably going to be pretty black and blue in the near future, but rest assured that it's all for a good cause.


By the way, unacceptable words include 'dang', 'frickin', and 'retard'. Acceptable terms are 'fudge' and 'golly gee'. I'm thinking I should maybe just stop talking altogether.

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  • ...stephanie... 8y

    HeeHee! Good luck with that! I really have the worst mouth ever, and I too edit the way I type on the internet. Get around me in person though, and I cuss like a sailor. Luckily my kids do not cuss...but they are much older then Drake and know better.
  • Miss Emily 8y

    Wow, retard is one of those words. That's awesome. I thought I was the only one who didn't say it, on purpose. Woo.

    In other news, I like the image itself as well as the caption.
  • dlangshaw 8y

    Holly cow! This is commendable behavior to want to curb your cursing but good are gonna curse when things start to hurtin!!! LOL

    I remember watching TV with my two daughters when they were young and Jamie Lee Curtis was being interviewed by J Leno.....she cussed like a daughters were shocked. LOL The episode was taped the night made me think. Neither one of the curse to this day that I know of....odd...because I do now more than ever. SOB.

    Best of luck! Great presentation here.
  • jessi. 8y

    You have to say 'golly gee'? I am so glad I don't live at your house.

    I swear a lot, too. Fortunately, I never plan on having children. Fuck, does it ever fucking suck to be you. :P
  • Teresa Pindur 8y of luck with this endeavor!! I say "frickin frack" and "shucks" alot, but thanks to Kristin I have heard Ella say "shit"...gave her a REALLY hard time about that one :) Since you guys are gonna slug it out, give RJ a good one in the arm for me ;-P
  • hannah webster 8y

    lordy. i curse like a trooper. mostly i'm desensitized to the words and i think that is a good thing...but i know others aren't and i should watch my tongue sometimes. good luck! x
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  • Gary 8y

    Why don't you both just "shut the $%@# up!" Only kidding. Great photo.
  • Northend Nique 8y

    Yeah um... I adore the "F" word. It's so versatile as I am sure you know. But with a 9 year old not so appropriate. Seeing as how we live in Mormonville, USA... we use the word 'Fetchin' (yep, that's what they use) but you've got to use your best hillbilly accent to go with it. Not only does it work but it's kinda funny with the accent and all.
  • RJ 8y

    Awesome commercial!
  • Amber 8y


    Rj just said 'Shucky dern'.

    Maybe you had to be here.
  • George M. Calger 8y

    No RJ, that was a f***ing awesome commercial!

    My favorite part (at the copier):

    "Oh, poop!"

    "Doesn't count."

    "SHUT THE F*** UP!!!"

    So where's your f***ing swear jar? I have a dollar coin with f***ing John Adams on it for your G*dd***ed jar. Well, plus 50 cents more by the time I finish this f***ing sentence, I guess. Sh**. Oh cr*p, two bits more. And another two bits for 'cr*p'. Aw sh**, not again!

  • .Manisha. 8y

    You know what's even tougher? When you clean up your act and your friends/relatives haven't and they use cuss words in front of your kid. Arrrgh! :-D Good luck!

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  • Sarah Smile | Sarah Downey 8y

    this is hilarious!
  • spidy69ca_gone for a while_ 8y

    this is so fuck** oops sorry this is so golly gee funny...great stufff...
    good luck my dear....;-)
  • bladerunnerlover 8y

    I go a looong time with my language totally cleaned up, and then I blow it and it's every other word. My father cussed like a sailor, because he was a.. ah... sailor. He was in the navy for four years and had this cute story... He came home for the first time, oh say, two years into his service. He's sitting at the table, eating with one arm wrapped around his plate, hunched over, slamming the food in (as they only give you so long to eat in the service), munching, sort of groaning as he ate like a dog protecting his bowl. His parents are staring at him like, wtf? This goes on for a while until he finally looks up at his mother and says, "Could you pass the fucking salt, please?" HAHA!

    He said he finally looked at them and they're like, oh my god! He's sitting there, wondering what to say or do, when his father smiles and says, "Pass the boy the salt, Cora... good to have you home, son". Never says a word about cussing, just passes the salt and the meal goes on.
  • JodyMcG 8y

    I am laughing here... I struggle with this one myself. Then I will turn around and tell my kids not to say those things - that they sound horrible and disrespectful. Then the other day I got "Then why do YOU say them, mom!?"

    UGH.... good question, right?
  • ~Kimberley~ 8y

    Wow. I have the mouth of a British Sailor, I have tried and failed at this some many times, though I'm rather good at editing my language around mothers and children. I can also curse in multiple languages. Sometimes, telling someone to go bugger a chicken in french is rather satisfying.
  • Panzimar 8y

    I see a flaw in the plan, 'though (and this is pointed out with a smirk). Instead of teaching your child swear words, you two might teach him to hit the other children. By the way, love the photo.

    Side note: To help with my own tendencies, I try to use ridiculous words/sayings--like 'golly gee and worbly snarts' or 'green and gooey snot shots' or 'dingleberry' or 'sillytron' or 'goobertron' and so forth. I try to use these even when not around children in order to create the habit. When I do say these nonsensical words they just think I'm being silly no matter how upset I look. But like Seanbladrunner, I find my lapses are cyclical.

    Self-editing is a hard task. I wish you two luck and applaud your efforts.
  • Kate McElwee 7y

  • Marley Kinkead 6y

    ahahahahaha i prefer cursing!
    so... you'd rather raise a child in violence than vibrance!?
    so what if you get stares, what are they going to do? report you to badparenting911? the kids 'gunna learn the words anyway.
    and by the way, you have a GORGEOUS side profile. beautiful.
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