I dont know why my remote control isnt working

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me: hello is that the sky customer help desk

help desk person: yes

me: my remote control isnt working

help desk person: send in your hand held device and we will ascertain why it isnt operating for you

2 months later

help desk person: we have examined your hand held device and would like to ask the following?

me: ok

help desk person: we have found a lot of dribble with baby formula, broccoli, sweet potato, parsnip, apple & porridge lodged between the buttons - any idea as to how it happened.

me: sorry no idea at all

Evie: starts crying...

help desk person: I think that I can hear the problem...

...do you have a baby there?

me: yes...

help desk person: does it put the remote control in its mouth?

me: if thats your attitude *slams phone down* ;o)

  1. Frasier has left the building [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    Sky... it rhymes with pie

  2. kelEhoop 55 months ago | reply

    Ah, you're so funny.

    That remote makes her look tiny!

  3. Ambernectar 13 55 months ago | reply

    Andy - an apple pie remote control would be so tasty ;o)

    Kelly - it does make her look small doesnt it

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