coffee and cigarettes

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    Oh dear, this is my current “coffee and cigarettes” pic. How much did I mellow over the years?….Stopped smoking nearly two decades ago. Borrowed my daughter’s mug and listening to son’s CD tonight, ha! .(I’m a Jazz listener though)

    And picked the latest copy of Granta (UK’s quarterly magazine, they say The Magazine of New Writing, highly recommended, just in case you are not a Brit)
    On the road again – where travel writing went next……… How far did I come so far? Son’s going to a school trip on Monday, carrying my world travelled backpack which I bought in Nepal ages ago. On the road again…..Will I? Or am I still on the road?

    By the way, the CD is Arctic Monkeys' ”Whatever People Say I Am, That's I Am Not”.

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    1. Masahiko Kuroki (a.k.a miyabean) 103 months ago | reply


    2. c book 103 months ago | reply

      You listen to "Arctic Monkeys? I like them too,
      How old is you son?

    3. frankieh 103 months ago | reply

      Two of my favourite hobbies, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. They say God created coffee so smokers could stay up longer..

    4. mintylazuli 103 months ago | reply

      hey your son listens to jazz? i thought he's a kid!! =O

    5. alvazora 103 months ago | reply

      You are adult, amber, but you are always on the road! You do amazing things where I see excellent sence of humor and inspiration!
      You never stop to surprise me!

    6. amber_b. 103 months ago | reply

      *miyabean: コーヒーと煙草とくればしぶしぶのモノクロのはず。このソフトぶりは何?昔はもっとクールだったのよ。ジム・ジャームッシュの映画みたいな写真が撮れたはずなのに。 旅?ああ、旅人に戻りたい。昔ネパールで買ったバックパックはいまや息子のもの。ぶつぶつ・・・・中年女の土曜の夜の独り言

      *C book: Good to know that you like Arctic Monkeys too!! He is eleven, but his PC is full of rock with i tune. I borrow Arctic Monkeys and the Killers from his collection. His latest fav is the Lost Prophets.

      *frankieh: I was able to shoot a cool pic of the devine combi like Jim Jarmusch's film.....alas, not anymore.! Thanks for stopping by.

      *mintylazuli: it might be misleading, but Arctic Monkey is UK's rock band. What music do you like?

    7. amber_b. 103 months ago | reply

      *alvazora: just missed you in a nick of a time.......
      you are sooooooooooo sweet! Thank you, arigato, merci, grazzie, danke for your loooovly and kind words. You really cheers me up. One day you will be middle age, but till then, enjoy your life 100 percent!

    8. Masahiko Kuroki (a.k.a miyabean) 103 months ago | reply


    9. la_febbra 103 months ago | reply

      love this black/white, the cigarettes&coffee atmosphere... (and the strange cup!)

    10. Paddy Furlong 103 months ago | reply

      Eh...that isn't a real ashtray, is it? Just a CD inside cover design, yes?

    11. Dancing Fish 103 months ago | reply

      A beautifully composed picture that creates a mood of late nights in a bygone era. The grain works really well. I've read a number of the Granta anthology books but wasn't aware there was a magazine. I should look out for it. It sounds like something I would appreciate.

    12. amber_b. 103 months ago | reply

      *la febbra: thanks, you are so kind:D

      *droimarais: yes, I gave up smoking more than a decade ago. But a cool CD, isn't it?

      *Dancing Fish: sorry if it's confusing. Granta is a book, but they call themselves magazine, so I use the word "magazine". Full collection (94 volumes so far) in my living room (they belong to my hubby).

      @ianrobins: thanks!

    13. _abroad 103 months ago | reply

      Love that mug... it gives the whole thing such a twist, moodwise.

    14. kumo36 103 months ago | reply

      uhhh... that's life.
      on the road again. 旅に出たくなりますね。日常を抜け出して。

    15. wakyhama 103 months ago | reply

      今、丁度、coffee and cigarettes、DVDでみてたところです^^

    16. amber_b. 103 months ago | reply

      *Girlabroad: thank you for understanding a twist bit:D

      *kumo36: 子持ち、異国に住む・・・貴方だからわかってくれる気持ちかなぁ。

      *waky: よっ、お久しぶり。Is that Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes?

    17. wakyhama 103 months ago | reply

      I think so. ( I'm not sure about the director..)
      I like the twince story^^

    18. bonnielukk 97 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The white from black, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group....great photo...

    19. fatmanwalking 85 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Industrial Disease, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      great lighting. the grain looks awesome on this photo.

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