• my baby
  • purchase one: iPhone 3GS, 32GB, $299
    purchase two: iPhone 3GS, 16GB, $499
  • AppleCare still in packaging. going to make a long shot and say i probably never activated it. hmmm.
  • within my first 5 min of arriving in SF by car, my window was smashed & my laptop was stolen. 3 weeks later a dude called to tell me my laptop was brought to him to refurbish. he found my phone number on my resume. oh and he liked my photos too. he was kind enough to burn all my files onto CDs.
  • dude wrapped my six cds in paper towel and secured them with duck tape. i brought my guy roommate and met him in union square to get the CDs. he told me i looked like his daughter. i told him i was sending him good karma. he was grateful and expressed that he hoped it would help him stay out of jail
  • one day long ago i never dropped calls. then i switched from verizon to AT&T. now i don't get 50% of my phone calls. this is actually kind of convenient since i hate talking on phone. kidding aside, verizon kicks at&t's ass but the iPhone is worth it
  • pile of homeless cords. no idea what they belong to.
  • iPods i didn't know i owned
  • canon sd900 = awesome. snaps hd vid too.
  • i asked a woman in vegas to take a photo of me and my friend. she dropped the camera. after i jumped in to get it, she reassured me it was fine. then she dropped my camera again. it stopped working after the second hit.

my experience with gadgets over the past year (see notes, particularly the ones on the cds in the bottom left)

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oh the adventures of clearing out your life

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