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New Jersey (Crossman Clay Pit, Sayreville) Cretaceous (Turonian 90-94 MYO) lignite layer - collection of amber, soil, pyrite, wood pieces and fossil plant material. This area is now closed and turned into a construction site.

© Anders Leth Damgaard -

Here are some close-ups of the New Jersey amber variations:




These three boxes contains my collection of raw New Jersey amber. I use it to get an overview / study of amber surface, its color, its structure and all the different variations. The pieces are roughly sorted by structure (clear, cloudy and mixed). When I get time I will do a complete sort by color and create a similar image composed by many small pictures of each color. Likewise, this collection is good to confirm the authenticity of other NJ pieces - hope these pictures can give you an idea of the different variations found in this amber.


Furthermore, I have also various things that are found in the same layer as the amber - soil, pyrite, wood pieces, fossil plant material and some very mysterious round light "stones". Since Sayreville is an old river area - I have a suspicion that it might be ear stone from fish (found similar stone at the beach). The stones are built of many small layers, all the same shape and color. I'm not sure but I will make a close up - is there anyone who knows about the small "stones"?


If you are interested in reading more about this layer, I highly recommend this paper "Upper Cretaceous Facies, Fossil Plants, Amber, Insects and Dinosaur Bones, Sayreville, New Jersey" by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. -



Each box-room is 22 x 35 x 38 mm

There are 435.44 grams of raw New Jersey amber (in all different colors), 38.72 grams of pyrite, 402 gram (38 x 380 x 93 mm) soil, 56 gram plant fossils.

The above collection extends constantly - this picture is already outdated.



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