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Mermaid... | by Ambalee
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ONe day..a wise man said

if you want a real mermaid

walk alone along the shore

when the sun starts to fade


Pay attention to girls' face

regardless of colors & race

when your eyes are connected

blink an eye with extreme pace


if she suddenly starts to shine

you should consider it as a sign

so take a photo and ask her

is it ok to post it online?


if she still glows like a fire

be conscious, she might be a lier

it is not a bussiness, remmember

She is not a product, you are not a buyer!


Turn off the light on the sky

usually mermaids..are very shy

cover the sun with your index finger

tell her it is fun...if she asked why


now it is time for the mermaid test

focus on what you do, forget the rest

kiss her lips very gently

YOu will remmember, this one as the best


the shore will be covered in her glow

step back few inches...very melow

be prepared to recieve a heavy punch

either in your stomach or little below


ohh..I know...this is the traditional way

I can tell you more...if you pay

search your pocket and let me know

for now I wish you all... a lovely day.

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Taken on September 8, 2007