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The Amazing Spiderman

Spoiler Alert


Today I went to see The Amazing Spiderman, although I am 4 days late....


I have to say that I am impressed by the film and it was quite emotionally moving at times. The scene were his parents left was quite sad but the real heart-breaker was when Peter's uncle was shot outside the shop...

Another scene which almost brought me to tears is when Gwen's father was killed by the Lizard .


After the credits, there is a scene showing Curt Conners in jail with a hidden man in the shadows talking about P.Parker. This begs for another Spiderman film and I think that the shadowed figure will be the man who murdered Peter's Uncle, what do you think?


However, the story was great, the CGI was amazing and Andrew Garfield's acting was amazing. I think he portrayed the part of Peter Parker well.


The last movie I watched before this film was Avengers Assemble and I think (Sorry Spidey) but Avengers was a better film as it ha more action sequences and above all, more heroes.


It was an amazing film and I can't wait for the Dark Knight Rises. Will DKR be better than Spiderman/Avengers?

Do you think Spiderman was better than Avengers?


Answer the questions and give your thoughts in the comments!

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Taken on July 7, 2012