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The randomness of intelligent design. | by Armando Maynez
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The randomness of intelligent design.

How random is nature?

Apparently Albert Einstein was very interested in this question, and it was the issue of randomness implicit in quantum mechanics that kept him from ever accepting quantum mechanics, he is quoted as saying, “God does not play dice.”


We now are certain that any new physics that is discovered in the years to come will have to be consistent with quantum mechanics, so the randomness seems to be here to stay.


But, if we are certain about randomness at sub-atomic levels, how does it fit into the recently controversial intelligent design?


Was randomness part of the design plans?

- "I will just let this part be random"...


At first I was rampantly strong against ID because I believe that there is enough scientific evidence to prove the evolution of man.


There is even a parody church called:

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


That hilarious religion in the end just wants to state that if catholic church's genesis is allowed to be presented as an alternative to evolution; then any other unproven theory with sufficient structure can be as valid.


But with more thought to the controversy, I think that even though evolution does have scientific evidence, it still hasn't been proven completely, there are some missing links (subtle if you may); and so as much as we can be "almost" sure that it is a fact. Adhering strictly to the scientific method, then the "theory" of intelligent design will have some room in people's hearts for a few years (until those irrefutable facts are found).

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Taken on August 18, 2009