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Day 8: Attack of The Amancay

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Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

*heavy sigh* I spent the entire day flip-flopping back and forth about which picture to take. Come to realize this best fits my mood/issues of the day. Just a bit angry about life, and circumstances, and things going ons, and... yeah!
I know, not how I should react, necessarily... hence my visual venting.

oh, and ftr, I don't do angry very well... oh the laughter I brought to myself in this silly photo-shoot!

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  1. robherr ages ago | reply

    Great effect and expressive mood!

  2. amanky ages ago | reply

    thanks... it wasn't easy for me to find the wrath face vs. just looking silly!

  3. Fadzly @ Shutterhack 120 months ago | reply

    Artistry takes passion indeed, together with focus (perhaps to the point of obsession), craft and persistence; but most of all a clear perception of the special subject.

    Gorgeous shot!

  4. amanky 120 months ago | reply

    wow... um, thanks, I don't know what to say to that... well said, and honoring statement!

  5. taminsea 119 months ago | reply

    Congrats on this image being chosen for the newspaper article on 365days! It is such a neat image. :)

  6. amanky 119 months ago | reply

    aw... thanx-
    funny thing is, I knew... before he'd even said so, the moment he contacted me about using a 365 shot for an article, that this would be the choice... even over the SOTTS *shrug* figures, that's all! certainly paid to have plenty of campfire shots in my arsenal! ;)

  7. snogged 119 months ago | reply

    Awesome flames.

  8. amanky 119 months ago | reply

    @snogged: aw thanx- they're from my many shoots around campfires...

  9. David Officer 119 months ago | reply

    ha, this is amazing.

  10. amanky 119 months ago | reply

    one of my prouder moments... early on in the project... funny how that works, huh!?

  11. amanky 117 months ago | reply

    might want to work on your spelling/grammar before attempting to dole out empty insults!

  12. ellie_4_jc 117 months ago | reply

    LOL! That was awesome.

  13. BellaGaia 115 months ago | reply

    that's so cool!

  14. amanky 115 months ago | reply

    thanks... you somehow happened across an oldie (over a year ago, wow!)

  15. BellaGaia 115 months ago | reply

    random searches will do that for ya! you were in the top few for "minichallenge"

  16. amanky 115 months ago | reply

    *off to check tags and sort by interestingness*

  17. mamasaurus 82 months ago | reply

    Great photo! Thank you for sharing it under Creative Commons. We used this is in an article in our website and credited you in the photo caption. Here is the link: o5.com/7-signs-of-passive-aggressive-behavior/ (Not that you're passive aggressive, just that your photo seemed to suit the theme!)

  18. American Journal of Nursing 29 months ago | reply

    Hi. Great image. I used it to illustrate a post on angry rants vs. meaningful dialogue, at the American Journal of Nursing blog, Off the Charts:


    Thank you! The image is credited to you in the post.

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