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    I just love this outtake from the impromptu photo shoot...

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    1. ellie_4_jc 108 months ago | reply

      LOVE the photo. Oh my gosh. Especially with her Henna like that. Mmm.. Praise God for India. And this beautiful representation of an Elizabeth.

    2. mofo 108 months ago | reply

      This is so beautiful. Loving the "upside-down-ness" of the image, and teh delighted smile, and the henna.


    3. James Hanlon 108 months ago | reply

      Yes - clearly bliss!
      Great composition and perspective!


    4. Celtic Dragonfly 108 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot...I absolutely love the henna tattoo! :^)

    5. amanky 108 months ago | reply

      as noted in the description, this was merely an outtake, a random candid, taken in the milisecond between one person getting up from the ground, and the subject also getting up...

    6. Shocking Photography 108 months ago | reply

      #2 (from the IWANT5! group)
      I do like the sun in the grass, however I agree, it is a bit overdone on her face.
      I don't mind it terribly.
      And just another idea, this picture would look excellent in black and white.

    7. 82skeletonkey 108 months ago | reply

      #3 (from the IWANT5! group)
      Dang. Wish *my* outtakes looked that good! I really like the impromptu feel of the shot, and call me crazy, but I think the overexposure lends a certain surreal air to the image, reinforcing the blissful emotion.

    8. amanky 108 months ago | reply

      @ShockingPhotography: here's your b&w version...

    9. Dave in Australia 108 months ago | reply

      very cool and different!
      (from the IWANT5! group)

    10. m4r00n3d 108 months ago | reply

      Cool pic. Her face is a bit over-exposed. Nice design on her hand. Henna ?
      #5 (from the IWANT5! group)

    11. Violentz 108 months ago | reply

      What a stunning image! Because it is an out-take it has a complete honesty to it that no posed shot can capture. Great work !

    12. shanerhyne 107 months ago | reply

      Nice image. I like the way the henna is accentuated in the photo. (View #400 from the Ready Graduate thread in Views:300.)

    13. rinkidink1027 104 months ago | reply

      Nice job. Glad somebody got a shot off.

    14. Christine ™ 101 months ago | reply

      I love this one - great shot!

    15. Oregonlahar 101 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot. I agree to good to be posed...

    16. amanky 96 months ago | reply

      thank you all... this is one of my personal favorites!

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