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Conceptual Design Proposal for Ceramics | by Amanda Niekamp
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Conceptual Design Proposal for Ceramics

In the process of finding inspiration, it's more about getting it out because one usually acknowledges it there or around them. A person knows what makes them tick - what they're ultimately all about. The problem is getting the mentality out of the person. Recently, thinking about means of finding my own inspiration for my art pieces, I pictured them on paper, but inside me, trapped in all that I am. And then I thought, "Why can't I turn this frustration into art?" If only one had the choice and capability to explode and let of who they are come out in everything. Almost like, we're all big balloons waiting to pop. We are all balloons with our bubbles and closed systems, and everybody has their own means of expression and lines of caution set up. These lines and means can benefit a person, but also can limit them given certain situations. I wanted to express the freedom of being able to do just that, express - with no strings attached; just letting it pour all out.


I chose a big empty room as the setting for my model in order to represent how big the world is compared to one individual, and the influences it has on today's society. There are solid white walls in this big room, taking the stance of the lack of idea, or an unfinished project - something that hasn't been touched. A large balloon hangs in the air in the middle of the room, bolted to the walls with thick wire cables in a crossing pattern, almost a tangled web. These intertwining cables represent the boundaries and constraints people have set on themselves. Inside the balloon, there is thousands of fortune cookie style sized papers with people's dreams and inspirations written across them. Being inside the balloon, you are unable to decipher them all. Definitively, the balloon is a yellow shear translucent colour in order to depict innocence and hope in a finding a way of expression.


On the ground underneath the balloon, there is a big patch of grainy ground up asphalt. It gives the picture of a tough journey, sometimes ideas fall and it can be never-ending search of finding a way of getting an idea out.


Next to the patch of gravel, there is a large needle thread needle. This needle is meant to pop the balloon, defying all constraints. Ultimately, it is the key to letting all the dreams and inspirations to pour out. The size of the needle shows that it takes a very strong-willed person to let go of all boundaries and trust in who they are to create the world around them.


This proves no matter how big and influential the world is; person's thoughts in inspirations and dreams will always defy gravity.


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Taken on December 7, 2008