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Queen In My Pictures

Meet Camille (aka Cami). When i took this, she was just outside rolling around in the rain (she loves water), so her hair is all messed up, unfortunately. Her 9th birthday just passed last week. :)


I've never really understood why so many people hate cats. It makes me sad :[

But then again, everyone tells me that i'm going to be a crazy cat lady with 5 billion cats in my house when i'm older. And i'm starting to believe them. :( I've already taken care of 3 generations of stray cats/kittens who have all decided to live in my backyard (i even adopted one who's mom passed away when she gave birth to him... hence Moose, my baby<3)

they probably like it here because of the beds and little cat houses i've built for them. Not to mention the food and water that i put outside twice a day. Haha, my family's so mad at me. :)

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Taken on December 7, 2008