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Day 325/365 ~ Don’t Say I’m Out of Touch With This Rampant Chaos - Your Reality

April 24, 2012.

Sometimes I like to toy with the idea that there are lots of realities, all fitted together into one - but mine is different from yours. In my reality, people stop to take pictures of roads glistening after the rain and collect wet maple leaves to bring home to put in a book. In yours, perhaps it is an eternal summer; a world full of clones, a world where people speak through music notes and not words. In mine, the sky is always this brilliant blue. Roads curve beautifully the way they constantly seem to do in the country. When you stop in the middle of the road to take a photograph, no one stares at you insolently. Sun rays are collected and kept in jars along window ledges. Instead of pillows, you rest your head on clouds. Elevators never jam, and more people know how to say thank you. Instead of insisting everyone must be an extrovert, introverts are accepted and recognized. When it rains, it doesn't storm, but drizzles and mists. My reality may not be what you want, or know - but it is mine, just like how yours is yours, and neither of us should change what we want just for the other.


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Taken on April 24, 2012