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Day 232/365 ~ Take Photographs of What You Want to Take, Not What You Think You Should Take | by Amanda Mabel
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Day 232/365 ~ Take Photographs of What You Want to Take, Not What You Think You Should Take

August 28, 2011.

Sometimes I get into those moods where I'll wonder, extremely sullenly, why I even bother with doing anything because I'm not especially good at anything in particular. It's that feeling of sitting on your bed, and looking at your camera, and just being filled with so much despair. Because it's like you've disappointed it. You haven't taken photographs, or videos, to the best of your ability. You've let it down.

Everything becomes meaningless at some point in our lives, in one way or another. We wonder why we did this, why we're doing this, what's the point, does anyone actually care, and if someone says they care, do they mean it? Is what we're pursuing now, what we really want, or merely something we used to want?

When you think of perplexing, and often painful questions like that, it's time to forget everything and let it all go. Forget the statistics and the view counts. Forget the numbers that you've been waiting for and trying to attain. Forget the people's expectations all piled up on you. Forget the tiredness, the anger, the bewilderment, and the desperation.

Take your camera and go out on a grassy field. An empty hall. A huge theatre with dazzling lights. An isolated beach. The silent woods. The top of a cliff with waves crashing against its base. Take pictures of nothing, but also everything. Take pictures of what life means to you, and what you really want to remember. There's no point in taking pictures for other people, because there's no meaning in trying to see the world through someone else's determined perspective of how it should be. Take your own interpretation.


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Taken on August 28, 2011