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Day 171/365 ~ Here's a Song for the Nights I Think Too Much | by Amanda Mabel
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Day 171/365 ~ Here's a Song for the Nights I Think Too Much

June 2, 2011.

Today we saw a lost dog wandering around the park.

I don't know how I could tell it was lost. When I looked at the expression on the dog's face, I saw the exact same panic and fear I would have on my own face, if I was lost and I didn't know how to go back home.

It was looking around, and waiting.

Waiting for someone to come.

But no one did. That really pained me - the feeling of waiting, and waiting, and waiting to be claimed; for someone who will never come; to just wait for something that will never happen.

I saw my own dog when I looked at it; I saw the tremulous tears I would have, if I was lost; I saw, the grief when the owner realised that it was missing.

I've always been passive; too afraid to cause a ripple. I already imagined the scenes of what would happen next; I would convince myself that the owner would somehow come. But I knew, that it could easily get knocked down by a car. I knew I would be filled with guilt over something I could have done, but didn't do. And at that point, I knew that I wanted it to be able to go home.

Pure obstinacy? Dogged determination, approaching strangers to ask for help, following a dog who was clearly afraid around for an hour. In the end, we managed to contact the owner with the help of an immensely kind couple who had four dogs of their own. The lost dog managed to go back home safely.

I like to think that someone would do that for me. That if my own dog was lost, a bunch of teenagers out for a short break who saw it would skip their classes to ensure it gets back home. That the world is still full of people who care.



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Taken on June 2, 2011