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Day 118/365 ~ It Seems like Years Since It's Been Here

April 4, 2011.


Thank you so much to Bell and Leemay for the wonderful testimonials! :)


A lot of time has passed and it only makes me keep wanting to link back to certain aspects of my past. Not the painful parts, or the unhappiness; but the memories i silently forgot; the memories locked away in darkness, in the deepest parts of my my mind. The memories that unlock themselves in dreams, and slink along the edge of my nightmares quietly, without leaving a trace. I need to find a reason, or reasons, to explain everything that ever happens- how did it happen, and why. They say that 'there's a reason for everything', but that is just a convenient generalization because no one, not a single person, has ever bothered to clarify exactly the basis for that sentence. Ironically, there's no reason for that sentence to exist as it's redundant.


Just like how there must be a reason behind my lack of inspiration


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Taken on April 4, 2011