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Day 105/365 ~ A Best Friend is like the Sibling that Destiny Forgot to Give You [Explored!]

March 22, 2011.


The reason why we're laughing is because after I set the timer I said, "10..9..8..7.." And she looked panicked. "What expression should I have?" "4..3..2..Oh-gosh-I-don't-care-just-look-happy" and then we both laughed.


When you're growing up there're so many things you don't realize you'll only miss when you no longer have them. Yet later on even when you are able to acknowledge this fact, you still continue on, not appreciating what you ever have, only wishing they were still there, when everything has changed. Who isn't like that?

Some may say that time doesn't last. Nothing lasts, so why bother miss something that will go away someday anyway? It's not about the attitude - it's about the pain, the hurt when you sit down one day with the remotest memories of the past hidden in a dark corner of your mind, and it's at that exact moment when you remember that special moment, and it is that moment which hurts you just by its lapsing memory.

You can sit there and try to remember, you can smile and think back about how it used to be, but somehow you'll know you're growing old - those memories won't ever be the same..

And that is when you put your face in your hands and wish that you were back in the past.

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Taken on March 21, 2011