Day 52/365 ~ Your Body Isn't Ugly, Society Is

January 21, 2011.


Your body isn't ugly. Society is.


Anorexia: An eating disorder, chiefly in young women, characterized by aversion to food and obsession with weight loss, and manifested in self-induced starvation and excessive exercise, etc.


A lot of people think that being thin is extremely important.

It's not.


"Is 'fat' really the worst thing a human being can be? Is 'fat' worse than 'vindictive', 'jealous', 'shallow', 'vain', 'boring' or 'cruel'? Not to me."

— J.K. Rowling


It happened a few years ago, but I still remember it vividly, like it was yesterday.

A girl was criticizing this girl in her class for being overweight. What she said was immensely cruel, and so judgemental.. the worst thing was that she didn't even realise the severity of what she said.

Later on, I got to know the same poor girl she was talking about. She is actually an extremely lovely person. She's a million times nicer than me. I felt so bad, there and then, that she got judged so viciously just because of her weight. And i felt that wasn't fair. I felt sick, because I knew it would continue when she got older and got a job, got new friends..


So what if I'm thin? It doesn't make me a better person than she is in any way.

So what if you're thin? It doesn't change a thing.

So if that guy you like cannot accept your weight, he's not worth it.

So if that girl you like tells you you need a six pack, she's not worth it either.

So if they don't want to be friends because they sneer at your weight, you don't need them.

So if everyone looks down on you automatically because of your size, they're the ones losing out on getting to know a wonderful person.


And it's not that easy being extremely thin either.

No, not all thin people starve themselves. We eat, alright? It's not that fun being thin. People call us anorexic wherever we go. If we're not hungry, it's always 'You're not eating? Anorexic." or "No wonder you're so thin."

So underweight people don't have the freedom to not eat, and overweight people don't have the freedom to eat.



  • StephanieWilderspin 4y

    I wrote a whole essay for this but my internet died and I couldn't post :|
    But this almost made me cry. After being bullied for a good eleven years for my size which, at one point, made me stop eating and trying to make myself throw up, it's nice to know that there are people out there who sympathise. This really touched me; it's beautiful.
  • aishia 4y

    i like this
    and what u say is true
    but sadly that probably wont stop
    people r just too ignorant
  • Bhargav Boppa 4y

    Wish I could abduct your thoughts..your creativity is spellbounding..good on you:)
  • Joana jo 4y

    This is so nice! And true! :)
  • shae 4y

    oh my goodness
    i love you
    and this
    perfect message.
  • Kelly Higgins 4y

    great idea. i think its awesome that you covered a topic like this in your art work. Great work!
  • filthy.secret 4y

    not any other word is needed for such a meaningful photo!
  • Jessica 4y

    The message you bring here is amazing.
  • Gonzalo Déniz 4y

    great shot! i love this
  • Mihrab Akarsu 4y

    Love that composition.
  • ♥ Marzia 4y

    so true!!
  • marie 4y

    this is breathtaking awesome!
    i love the message, the composition - everything about this shot.
    if more people would think like this we would have a brighter, better society!
  • AudreyLoves 4y

    I do agree!
  • Rachelle Hardy 4y

  • She's Six Steps Off 4y

    thanks for the post :)
  • Rae Cabradilla 4y

    i love this so much! and your message as well! let us stop discriminating other people for what they look like or what they wear. that shouldn't matter. what matters is what they truly are on the inside. :) what a moving message! i hope this gets around. :) keep it up! love your stream btw!
  • SophieHip 4y

    I'm doing an assignment for my journalism degree at university and was wondering whether I could use your image as part of my assignment? It will not be published. Only myself and my lecturer will see the image.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I'm dakdoka 4y

  • Bee 4y

    this message is perfect. really. i wonder how you captured the picture, but really what is more important is i hope the words get's out that really, society's view of us is bent, unrealistic, and we need to understand that. really inspiring shot :)
  • Bianca Leal 3y

    this is so true ;(
    I'm very thin,but not because I want this
    And all my friends or my family,look at me like, like I was horrible
    And this hurts so much ! I see how if I could not count with anyone..
    and sorry my english :P
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