The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton NS

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    The Cabot Trail is a highway and scenic roadway in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

    It is located in northern Victoria County and Inverness County on Cape Breton Island.

    The route measures 298 km (185 mi) in length and completes a loop around the northern tip of the island, passing along and through the scenic Cape Breton Highlands. It is named after the explorer John Cabot who landed in Atlantic Canada in 1497, although most historians agree his landfall likely took place in Newfoundland and not Cape Breton Island. Construction of the initial route was completed in 1932.
    Cabot Trail beach

    The northern section of the Cabot Trail passes through Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The western and eastern sections follow the rugged coastline, providing spectacular views of the ocean. The southwestern section passes through the Margaree River valley before passing along Bras d'Or Lake.
    View of the commercial and residential establishments that exist at Pleasant Bay, along the Cabot Trail's northern-most segment

    The Cabot Trail is the only trunk secondary highway in Nova Scotia which does not have a signed route designation. Road signs along the route instead have a unique mountain logo.

    The road is internally referred to by the Department of Transportation and Public Works as Trunk 30. The Trunk 30 road named the "Cabot Trail" loops from Exit 7 on Nova Scotia Highway 105 at Buckwheat Corner to Exit 11 on Highway 105 at South Haven. The scenic travelway known as the "Cabot Trail" includes all of Trunk 30, as well as the portion of Highway 105 between exits 7 and 11.

    The entire route is open year-round.

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    1. Kassel 73 months ago | reply

      Wow ! Beautiful view ! Want be there now ! :) :) And congrats to made Explore !

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    2. Elena Kovalevich [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

      I give you a FROM CITRIT,BEST OF YOURS
      Citrit, best of yours!

    3. vicipix 72 months ago | reply

      WOW... what a mangnificent view!! Save me a ticket for the tour, too!
      I would love to travel that great highway and see the sights.

      Congrats on the Explore!! : )

      Have a lovely day!

    4. Fernanda Dobbin (on/off) 72 months ago | reply

      Your photo as seen in
      Kaleidoscopic Vision
      is definitely from the top of
      the pyramid.
       Kaleidoscopic Vision

    5. Dave the Haligonian 72 months ago | reply

      Damn!! Perfect shot my friend!
      I haven't been to CB in many years but will go back this summer, great spot!
      I love this! Instant Fave !
      Have a great day...

    6. Iain Grant Photography [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      Looks like a perfect road to try out my new Ferrari AJ (only joking.. but it would make a great drive in anything). It's a wonderful shot with great composition- excellent work!

      PS. I'm always so impressed at how quickly you manage to comment- don't know how you do it! Hope you're having a great week btw :)

    7. Ken Yuel Photography 72 months ago | reply

      now this is such a familiar scene for me, love the perspective here, very nice my friend, thanks, I am being quick hoping to catch up with everyone

    8. mb.kinsman 72 months ago | reply

      Absolutely wonderful landscape- what a great view. Anoth one added to the places to see, thanks to your wonderful photos. The cliffsides are beautiful and the point of view you used is excellent. Well done again!

    9. Harry2010 72 months ago | reply

      amazing scenery, spectacular photograph!!!

    10. f i Я a s 72 months ago | reply

      what a scenery... beautiful landscapte...

    11. Kelly's Pics (haydillygirl) 72 months ago | reply

      I love this trail! Well taken!

    12. paspog 72 months ago | reply

      Thank you for adding this
      spectacular shot to the group

      "This stands out!"

    13. karenpeacock 72 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot! There's nothing I love more than a road trip, and this strip of road looks incredibly tempting.

    14. 'pixler' 72 months ago | reply

      great shot! great memories! one of my favourite places to visit.

    15. azleem 72 months ago | reply

      wat a great shot

    16. photographer 55 45 months ago | reply

      Ahhh... would be beautiful to drive along there!

    17. Adelaide_35 13 months ago | reply

      Keep up with good work.

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