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    my latest obitsu custom doll....

    obitsu body natural tone 25 cm, head option 1

    wears stockings dg vintage vinyl sooki
    dress azone
    shoes hannah montana lola
    hat made by me
    fan barbie jazz baby

    one sad detail to this.... as i had a fantastic gift this morning, my cat alfred felt like bringing me a little something too, while i was taking pictures.... so the feathers ARE real.... as they where all over the place, i thought they looked nice in the picture.... but i am really sad for the poor blackbird.... nasty cat....well, this is what cats do. i get reminders all the time.... he always brings his offerings to my study. although i made it clear i do not appreciate it the least!

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    1. Dolls Ahoy 79 months ago | reply

      That is the nature of cats (and nature!)

      It lends a further air of life versus death to the photos of this doll, too.

    2. giulietta degli spiriti 79 months ago | reply

      Andrea true....we would rather 'forget' but it is the way it goes....

      i thought it looked perfect for this picture, and somehow a 'sign' that it happened on that moment.... it was the first time he brought a blackbird.... it was BIG! usually robins and mice are his choice....

    3. Dolls Ahoy 79 months ago | reply

      Our cats all live permanently inside, so all they ever get a chance to do is sit at the window and make little cursing sounds at the birds (and sometimes rabbits or squirrels) outside. We don't think our cats would know what to do with a bird if they found themselves on the same side of the window.

    4. raining rita 79 months ago | reply

      Love the fan you made......thank you, Black Bird for your gift of feathers

    5. giulietta degli spiriti 79 months ago | reply

      raining rita ....oh nooooo! i did not do the fan. it is a barbie jazz baby fan.... i meant the feathers on the floor. i could have never plucked the feathers from that poor bird.... i just used the ones that were laying there.

    6. giulietta degli spiriti 79 months ago | reply

      Andrea it must be very complicated to keep cats indoors, with a small child.... my mom hase some indoor cats, and it is such a stress each time we go to visit her.... my other cats used to get birds from the windowsill on the 4th floor.... i always was afraid they would fall down in the attempt, but it never happened....

    7. Dolls Ahoy 79 months ago | reply

      Since our cats have been around Conrad since his birth, they're used to him. Sometimes the younger cats will get wound up and let Conrad chase them, but they mostly ignore or avoid him...

    8. giulietta degli spiriti 79 months ago | reply

      Andrea ...i was more thinking of the stress of keeping doors and windows locked....if you live in a house. in a flat high up is easier.... so i wonder: do you live in a house or a flat?

    9. Dolls Ahoy 79 months ago | reply

      It's a house, but a modern (bland) American house--screens on all the windows*, enter and exit mostly through the garage, and the door into the house from there is in an area where the cats aren't usually allowed. They do still manage to get out sometimes, but it's mainly only one cat, and she never knows what to do once she's free, anyway, so she's easy to catch.

      *And a Husband who grew up in the city, so he likes to have the air conditioning on a lot when he's home (when he's not home, windows definitely open, at least until the heat of summer is in full force)

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