• My laptop, running DSLR Remote Pro.
  • I think this is called a lipstick plant.
  • See this picture.
  • My new Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5X Macro Lens.
  • My Rebel XT, which doesn't have a self-cleaning sensor, and which is now apparently filled with dust. Perhaps soon to be replaced with a 40D.
  • Light, came with the light tent my friend got me for Christmas.
  • Adorama macro focusing rail set. Totally necessary for this lens.
  • My tripod. I bought it because it was small and light enough that I could imagine comfortably walking a few miles with it. It's a decent tripod, but when you're dealing with microscopic scales, it feels shaky as a leaf.

Macro setup

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I like it when other people post pictures of their setup for technical shots, so I thought I'd do the same. This is what it took to take this picture.
It still has some problems. For instance, my tripod isn't steady enough- apparently it can actually keep microscopic vibrations that show up at high magnification for several seconds. In fact, the floor of my house isn't steady enough- I was just about holding my breath when I pushed my cable release. I really need a flash. Or two. Also, it seems this lens has a bad habit of blowing dust onto my camera's sensor when it telescopes in. Now I need a camera with a self-cleaning sensor, too. Maybe next month.

  1. SantyClawz 82 months ago | reply

    try the 40D, it will clean the sensor for you!

  2. Batian_Lion 82 months ago | reply

    well, the 40D certainly is nice, but the self cleaning unction is certainly not a reason to buy it. in most of the cases the self cleaning isn't very effective. -in my direct comparisionof the of 30D and 40D with the sigma 50-500 lense, which is pretty bad at collecting dust too, showed that the self cleaning doesn't help at all in this case.

  3. AMagill 82 months ago | reply

    Well, I've been wanting a 40D for a while, anyway. And Canon has a $200 instant rebate going on it now, too! :)

  4. ngsh 82 months ago | reply

    man, you have the lens of my dream!
    what is the adorama focusing rail? never heard of it

    congratulations on your set!
    your pictures are stunning

  5. AMagill 82 months ago | reply

    This is the Adorama macro focusing rail. It's not perfect, but does the job quite well.

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