Bennett School for Girls
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Bennett College, also known as Bennett School for Girls, was a women's college founded in 1890, in Millbrook, NY. It became a junior college in the 1900s. At the time of its closing, enrollment was around 300 students. The college closed in 1978 after entering bankruptcy.

The main building, Halcyon Hall, was built in 1893 by H. J. Davison Jr., a publisher from New York. The 200-room Queen Anne structure has 5 stories, a basement and sub-basement, and is in very poor condition: rooms and floors have collapsed, decay is everywhere. Originally built as a hotel, the building became home to Bennett College 1907 after the hotel failed to catch on.

The property is privately owned by the F.D.I.C, and none of the Redevelopment Plan seem to go anywhere. This is very unfortunate, as this impressive building will collapse sooner than later. It feels important to me that this location is documented and remains in the collective memory. Unfortunately, local residents do not really see it that way. We got busted and kicked out by the cops pretty quickly. Only 12 photos, sorry.

UPDATE: I got to think a bit about this experience since then, and I don't really blame the police much on this one. The place is in much worse shape inside than what you can guess from the outside, or from previous photos online. Be extra-careful if you step foot in the building.

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