Light Painting
Light Painting is definitely not a new concept, but it's a simple enough one that everybody with a flashlight, a tripod and a decent camera can experiment with.

This picture sheds some light on the process: stabilize your camera, set the exposure to at least 30 s., then move a flashlight around the contours of your subject, for example. It is possible that you will show up as a "ghost image" in the shots, but nothing a little photoshopping can take care of.

A few tricks to keep in mind: try to move the flashlight at an angle so that it can be seen from the camera while still casting some light on the subject. Try to wear dark clothes so that you don't reflect too much light around the subject. Try to shoot in RAW format to give you more control on the "digital exposure" later on.

The glass series is a little different in that you can't see the light source in the photos, but I still consider it painting; it was shot in the dark, by pointing a flashlight at different objects in the scene, while moving around. The resulting photos are always pretty unique, give it a shot.

For more light painting goodies, check BURNBLUE , lichtfaktor,'s work, or any of the groups these pictures have been posted to.

This first set of pics was shot in Fire Island. Both Amit's and Claire's cameras were used; Dario, Adam, Amit, Claire and myself posed, played with the flashlight and eventually shot.
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