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The OC

Chizuko and I were fortunate enough to take advantage of an after-school program that looks after the kids from 6pm-11pm. Kind of a bulk childcare service for parents that want a night out alone.


A real win-win-win for everyone: Parents (for obvious reasons), Kids (because they *insisted* on going so they could play with their friends!), and the Sitters (who can make economies of scale on the venture, as there are 20+ kids ;-)


Chizuko and I decided, upon the recommendation of good friends, on the "Orange Hill" restaurant which is (as the name implies) on a hill overlooking all of Orange County and parts of Los Angeles.


We had an outside table with absolutely *stunning* views. Easily one of the best dinner views I've ever had.


Shot taken with my point-n-shoot Lumix LX5 of the sunset while we enjoyed a great dinner overlooking where we now live.


Orange County, California


**If you live near this place, do yourself a favor and go about an hour before sunset, and be sure to eat outside at the bar before 7pm, as you get "Happy Hour" prices not only on drinks, but on *food*. Total tab was less than 1/2 what I was expecting to pay and the food was excellent. A real 'value' considering the world-class view.

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Taken on October 29, 2011