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Out of Harm's Way

Everyone's comments and direct emails have been *most* appreciated. Just want to reiterate that the family and I are more than fine.


Let us all not lose sight of those most in need: the people of the Tohoku region of Japan most impacted by the Earthquake, Tsunami, and now close-proximity Radiation. It is so surreal for many of those people that I'm 1/2 serious when I say that they'd not be surprised if Godzilla now came out of the Ocean to do his part, as everything else imaginable has already done its worst.


Now as to our situation...


As I mentioned in the previous photo, I sent Chizuko and the boys to Nagoya just in case there is more to this than the Japan media/gov't was portraying (which turned out to be the case). I took a shinkansen after work Friday to meet them down there for the weekend. Boys have cabin (hotel) fever as there is nothing to do but sit around and watch (disaster) TV or read or play some handheld video games. Chizuko is pulling triple duty by taking care of her Mom, Sister-inlaw and her baby, and our boys. She's a real trooper though and staying strong.


Non-HDR shot taken from their hotel room at the Nagoya Shinkansen station. Moved them on to Kyoto the next day after this shot because we couldn't extend the room due to the hotel being fully booked by other refugees from Tokyo.


I'm back in Tokyo now (Sunday afternoon) as I wanted to get our camping car taped up, as the next 3-4 days are gonna be dicey with full-on winds from the reactors up north.


Saw a friend at the train station in Tokyo this afternoon on the way back home and his first words were "You're still in Japan?" He was on his way to the airport and was truly perplexed that I'm still here. While I may be a diehard Texan (I still wear boots to the office, and drink Tequila), Japan and its culture are my home and I will not leave here so lightly. A very large percentage of the foreign population left at the drop of a pin, which given what the Embassy's were saying, is completely understandable. I however have decided to remain on doing my part as best I can to help rebuild this Nation that I call home.


Again, to everyone else here in Japan, best of luck, and to those outside of Japan, keep us in your prayers!




BTW...I'm in no position to catchup on other people's photostreams right now given the circumstances as you can imagine, but fully intend to do so once all of this is behind us. In the meantime I'll continue to post our situation for those interested.


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Taken on March 18, 2011