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    1. ImranAnwar 42 months ago | reply

      Beautiful profile pic. Saw it through your interesting blog, Ann. Enjoy my pics. Happy to connect if you please.


    2. citizengabriel 42 months ago | reply

      you've got the coolest hair..thanks for sharing your beauty..its very refreshing

    3. BGCajun 38 months ago | reply

      You're a hottie!

    4. fvillelli 37 months ago | reply

      I would love to hear your comments on the Georgia-Naturalized Citizen court case from last week in which Obama and his attorney decided not to participate.

    5. don32acp 31 months ago | reply

      Your comment system won't let me post on the main page so I am asking a question here. Did Pussy Riot get invited to the church or were they trespassing? If they were invited why the arrest? If they were trespassing who cares if they go to jail? That is the whole point of civil disobedience.

      You might be breaking the law but you are willing to pay the price to get your message out and protest some kind of injustice. If you just want to break the law then you are a criminal.

    6. Branko123 20 months ago | reply

      As to your comments about President Obama's comments regarding the Zimmerman case. We all have a right to our opinions, but I find that in today's world, and more specifically our country,
      "Cynicism" toward everyone and everything has replaced giving anyone even a modicum of respect or benefit of the doubt.
      If he ignores issues, he's not engaged; when he does engage, he speaks in meaningless terms and should be ashamed, because we know he isn't being sincere or poignant to the issues at hand.

      Genuineness and sincerity only exists in each of our own mind's definition. If others don't agree with our position, they are wrong, but when they do they must be brilliant and noteworthy.

      I’m a lifelong Republican that happened to be one of a thousand speechwriters for George Bush (’90) and in one of our personal discussions I asked, “Mr. President, what is the difference between ‘cynicism and democracy?”

      He paused for quite a while, then said: “Democracy gives all of us equal rights, while cynicism gives the opposing opinion no rights, especially when it comes to voicing personal opinions we don’t agree with.” Just my opinion, of course. Robert P.

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