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Torn. | by alesha joy.
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double exposure, film, sooc.


In the depths of my heart I am torn. I am a little frayed, a little ripped at the edges. I thought that walking away was the best thing to do. I watched as the flame I had carefully nourished started to die out. I saw it flicker and putter as the fuel I had been gathering faded without my input. And then with a final puff of smoke it was gone. I pretended that I was fine with it, because I thought that you would just fade from my memory as you had seemingly faded from my life. I accepted that I was going to feel a little cold, infact the thought of that made me happy for some reason. I wanted winter. Maybe I felt it was what I needed; it is certainly what I am used to. But that wasnt the end, it seems that I jumped the gun. And now you are softly knocking on my door wanting to be let back in. I just cant. Maybe it is wrong of me to turn my back but I need you to knock so much louder. I need to hear you. For how can you expect me to let you in when you closed the door on me months ago?


I went for a walk last night and came across 2 fire trucks, 2 ambulances and a police car and they had been working for 20 mins on a man who had a heart attack in a quiet residential street and crashed his car. All of the neighbours were out and I was left with this overwhelming feeling of 'community' but also of the fact that this was all going on a few streets away from my home and I would never have known. Life is so short, lets spread the love.


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Taken on April 18, 2012