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Blank Page. | by alesha joy.
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Blank Page.

This is part four of the Across The Ocean collab series I am doing with Janey. This photo is about a blank page and how we start off in life. The possibilities are limitless. And so as we grow and learn our blank pages change. Things get added. Lessons get learnt. We open our eyes. And thats what we tried to put across on our papers - growth and our lives and who we are. Mine isnt quite finished but neither am I, so I think that is quite appropriate.

Make sure you go and check out what Janey did with her page.


There is so much more than meets the eye. So many things that lay underneath this skin. Inside I am full of bones and blood but there is more than that. More than cells and ligaments, more than organs and tendons. From the moment I was born I have been gathering information, I have been learning. I hope I never stop learning. There are things that I hold dear, things I have been through, people I love. I keep moments locked inside, fragments of the lives I have led. There are songs and movies and words and smells and textures and sights. So many stills from the film that is known as my life. It's funny how we think we know someone but really we never do. All we can know is what they let us see. There are valleys and mountains deep inside - oceans that you have never swum and skies that you never knew existed. We are universes, each marching to our own drum. We are solar systems and planets and black holes. We were blank pages but now we are ripped and torn and stuck back together and blue and yellow and orange and shiny and burnt and dark and light and immense. We are immense. And I think the thing we forget is that we can do so much good. We can change the world and we can shape the pages that we create.

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Taken on July 24, 2011