the truth

What if I told you that you’re special. That there is no-one else in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE quite like you. That you are here for a reason and you are needed. How would that make you feel? Well it’s all true - every single word of it. So dont you dare doubt it. You werent born to be a perfect clone - you were born to be unique and exactly who you are. So listen to your inner voice and follow your deepest dreams. A lot of the answers are already waiting inside, if only you have the courage to find them.


Today is my first day off in a week, so I decided that it was a good decision to go do my first post 365 shoot. The rain was holding off and I thought I'd head up to the mountain and the gardens up there.. as we drove up the hill the fog was so insane and I got REALLY excited. I have never shot with real fog before. And so I basically ran out of the car and started setting up the tripod and shooting.. expect many more from this shoot. YAY for fog + autumn.

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Taken on May 17, 2011