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the sun sets in your eyes | by alesha joy.
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the sun sets in your eyes

I wish this photo did justice to the sunset, if you can imagine it was twice as spectacular as this. I've been tagged a bajillion times so here's some info for you.


one> it was pouring on friday (in summer!) and I walked to work with my umbrella and had a maxi dress on coz it was still warm but my dress got wet and then I worked all day in my dress and so I now have a cold. Fun.

two> I had two random first dates last month and they made me feel worse than when I hadnt had a date since I broke up with my ex which was almost 2 years ago now. Haha. Life is strange and I figured that I dont really do dates. Right now I'd prefer to just have guy friends.

three> Having said one and two I have to clarify that I am actually feeling good overall. It takes a lot to bring me down.

four> I saw a movie called 'winters bone' at the cinemas yesterday, I wonder if anyone has even heard of it? It's from the US.

five> I am almost finished all of my xmas shopping! I want to buy a tree though.

six> I want to recruit some local cool photography buddies. Or find them. Or have them recruit me. Whatever.

seven> I have glimpses of a life I want to lead but I'm still trying to work out how to connect them together.

eight> I feel like the arts are where my soul is.

nine> Words capture me and push me and inspire me. I havent done a video in aaages and I shall get onto that soon.

ten> I want to do a new project. Two ideas - one to do with strangers and one to do with song lyrics and emotion. But yeah I dont know.


If I tag you then I hope you feel special :)

Oh and you can expect a few more from this shoot at some stage. Also considering the fact that this location is only 15 mins walk from my house you'll be seeing it around!

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Taken on December 4, 2010