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Day Thirty Three /365 | by alesha joy.
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Day Thirty Three /365

this started as an outtake but theres something about it.... haha!!


oh and I got a few other tags (thankyou!!, I'll tag you back) soooo I'll put another 10 facts up soon!


1. I'm going down to the states (seattle) for a few days on the 21st, and I am very excited!!!


2. I am just dying to see a bear, wolf, moose, skunk, badger and various other north american animals that I havent seen in the wild yet. I crossed off squirrel, orca, deer and raccoon so that was awesome.


3. Tim Tams are the best Australian biscuit (cookie) - seriously you have to try them. You can get them in safeway (I found one in Vancouver). Anyway, the trick is to bite off both ends and then suck your tea/coffee through it like a straw. The biscuit melts and it is amazing!!!


4. I find it funny how different words mean different things in other countries. I get surprised when people look at me funny and dont understand a word I used.


5. I am so excited to see Eclipse - yes, the twilight movie. But I am not obsessed at all, I just enjoyed reading the story and want to see how they make the next one on the screen. Haha. For some reason I feel like I have to whisper that. *whispers* I want to see eclipse! hahahaha.


6. I have played at 13 gigs in my musical career, years ago.. back when I had purple streaks in my hair. Hahaha. The experience was pretty incredible, and my tally for open mic nights is even higher!!


7. I can honestly say that my heart has only been broken twice. Previously I would have said it had been broken but when you really break it you'll know. The first time was when my Pop died, he was like a father to me and such a wonderful man. 5 years later and I still miss him. And the other was a different kind of heartbreak - the worst kind. The kind where your world is torn apart, you cant stop crying and you cant listen to music. Music is so important to me, so to not want to listen to it for a month was hard. I just couldnt.. Anyway, time heals all wounds. I'm living proof that you can get on with your life.


8. The only tv I really watch right now is glee and SGU haha.


9. I'm working through my ideas for the group challenge!! Ideas are forming!!


10. My homestay family just asked me to do face painting at their son's 5th bday party! awww yeah!

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Taken on June 10, 2010