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Mr Nipper's Other Side | by alphazeta
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Mr Nipper's Other Side

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An Earwig - Having read about them I think this could be a female because the pincers are more curved on the male.


Their pincers can give a small nip to a human but they are normally used to scare away predators and to help them tuck their wings away. They have a pair of fan-like hindwings that are normally folded away behind the thorax and hidden under their short leathery forewings.


The name earwig is derived from the old English 'earwicga' which means 'ear beetle'. It was once commonly believed that earwigs would burrow into people's ears at night and lay eggs in their brains. In fact the story still circulates as an urban myth. Earwigs are not parasitic and would rather lay their eggs under a stone. The human ear, though about the right size for an earwig, is not an ideal resting place. So if one were to crawl into someone's ear it would not be typical behaviour but the actions of one very confused and lost earwig.


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Taken on March 23, 2012