Europe According to Poland

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    Produced by AlphaDesigner's Political Design Buro. Sense of humor highly recommended.

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    1. teh resa 54 months ago | reply

      ha! these are great

    2. Edge of Europe 54 months ago | reply

      Love this series... but someone somewhere has to have a prejudice about poor old Luxemburg, too!

    3. Channel Light Vessel Automatic 54 months ago | reply

      Interesting series. I find that most stereotypes come with opposites - some are positive and some are negative. I know a few Poles in the UK and elsewhere, most of whom are a little more enlightened about how bad we are here. Some stereotypes are based on truth, and that's why they are amusing, but other stereotypes are only based on the truth that those who hold that stereotype as an opinion are ignorant. As a Godless traitor, I quite like this one.

    4. antoniobroto 54 months ago | reply

      I love it, I live in China and inspired by you I plan to make a similar map. If you are interested in publishing it, you can see it soon in, you can contact me on

    5. kozyz 53 months ago | reply

      May by one day You would like to make map according to baltic people. We have a lot of spot-on stereotypes about poles, czhechs, sweds, russians... and even bulgarians :o

    6. alphadesigner 53 months ago | reply

      I am considering it but first I want to gather more info because I don't seem to know many people from the region. I think I have a list of Lithuanian stereotypes made by a reader of my blog somewhere in my inbox. For now I am just collecting impressions. You can always share some interesting stereotypes, too. :)

    7. Chris Hester 53 months ago | reply

      Canada... haha :-D

    8. Andorej 51 months ago | reply

      Low class holidays - yee right :) hahaha Canada buwahahaha - vodka addicts :)

    9. alex_cncn 48 months ago | reply

      Poles are scums. They don't remember that Romania helped the Polish elite to escape from the nazis in 1939 through the Romanian port of Constanta. And now they considers us nomads. Some stinky slavs dare to say spmething horrible about us.

    10. alphadesigner 48 months ago | reply

      You forgot your sense of humor somewhere, don't you think?

    11. Matt_PL 47 months ago | reply

      The problem is that you never gave us millitary help in 1939 against soviet union as you promised by signing miltary treaty against them, that why we still think bad of you. (But at least we don't think of romanians as godless traitors or pussies)

      I would count Estonia as our former colony too as it was taken by sweedish in 18th century i think

    12. doctorbob 45 months ago | reply

      Your diagram is somewhat missing a trick. Ireland to most Poles is somewhere they came to work during the 2000s. They made up about 5% of the population for much of the decade. Irish TV and newspapers started having Polish programmes. You might want to correct your map.

    13. alphadesigner 45 months ago | reply

      Wow, I didn't know about the Polish programmes on TV. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind for future maps.

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