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Lessons In Aerodynamics | by PRAECORDIA
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Lessons In Aerodynamics

I went to the mall today with Stefanie again and spent all my money. :( I bought a flapper girl costume for Halloween which cost me close to 60$. I'm gonna make her a murdered flapper, maybe with a slashed throat. That would be cool. ;) Can't wait till Halloween, it's gonna be fun I can feel the fun flowing back from the future. hehe.


Today was so windy, I kept falling over trying to fly. Some things are meant to be done the hard way I suppose. But I guess it worked out. I feel like I should have a broom in this picture, but I don't. I don't need a broom, I can do it on my own. Haha. :P

When I was little I used to wish so bad I could fly. I mean who hasn't? I'd watch birds do it and be envious of them cause they made it look so easy. Then I got this idea in my head, when I was like 5 that if I ate the wings of birds I'd grow a pair of my own. If I ate enough of them. I think there's a word for that. A word I do not know and don't feel like looking up. Anyway I used to eat the wings all the time, and once I had this dream that I was flying. It felt so real, I could feel the muscles on my back flexing with every flap. It was great while it lasted but as with all dreams you eventually have to wake up to reality. Sometimes that's good like when your having a nightmare and reality saves you. I can't say that's a bad thing, it's not, just sometimes disappointing.


Okay so yea, now I'm gonna go watch another episode of Criminal Minds since I cant seem to stop watching that show. It's very addicting, something about the way a criminal thinks, it's like dissecting a frog or a cat but mentally. :O

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Uploaded on October 7, 2009