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Bridge at Victoria Falls, Darjeeling (1912)

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This is one of the bridges built by my grandfather, George Patrick Robertson, while he was Municipal Engineer in Darjeeling, India, pre-1914. He also built his own cameras, made his own film and developed and printed all his own photos. This is just one out of hundreds: more will follow as time allows.

For more information about this bridge, George Patrick Robertson, and our Darjeeling connection, click here.

Tenuous Link: photo taken in India, maybe a century before the photo it's linked to.

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  1. chamlingnss 67 months ago | reply

    Yes! this famous bridge is still there and fully utilized, and Robertson road is also still there. Time may have made these historical pictures dusty, but people of Darjeeling shall never forget the contribution British architects and engineers have made. If you travel to Darjeeling even today you can see these landmarks still standing. Thank you!

  2. Sudarsan Tamang 66 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Robin Townsend Photography 59 months ago | reply

    That's really incredible!

  4. suchinn60864 52 months ago | reply

    hi alley, i m sachin from darjeeling, if u want more information regarding darjeeling then simply ask me or mail me at adi_sherpa@yahoo.com.

  5. allybeag 52 months ago | reply

    Hi suchinn60864 -I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.

  6. jxuun 38 months ago | reply

    HI, I am a lecturer from China,could I use the photo in my class, when I teach the structure of arch.

  7. allybeag 38 months ago | reply

    Hi jxuun – yes, you are welcome to use it. I'm sure my grandfather would be pleased to know that his bridge can still be useful for teaching students, nearly 100 years after his death!

  8. Zedexarh 37 months ago | reply

    Awsome capture

  9. WeeKit 37 months ago | reply

    Is the original bridge still there??

  10. allybeag 37 months ago | reply

    Yes Weekit, one of the other commenters above says the bridge is still there and still in use. I am very proud of my grandfather!

  11. SERGEI.K.C. 37 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot!

  12. bishal.dahal 32 months ago | reply

    I live near Victoria Falls and the picture is really amazing.

  13. MarkoMarinovic [deleted] 32 months ago | reply


  14. anusha yadav 23 months ago | reply

    Hi Ally, I am Anusha Yadav and I run an online archive, called Indian Memory Project.

    A free archive which is trying to trace personal histories of and from India and the indian subcontinents via images and narratives from living friends and relatives. I was wondering if you would be interested in submitting images like this (from the family album of your grandfather) from the then India, from your archive, and a narrative about his life in India, to the archive? I certainly am very interested and I know the world will be. I am certainly interested in this image.

    The project has been featured world wide newspapers and publications. (you can see the press section) and with approximately 1000 views every day. We also have submissions from Pakistan, British, American, Bngladeshi and Australian families.

    An image and a story about your grandf ather, heard memories about his life and or family's life in india is very very interesting. To know more please do visit www.indianmemoryproject.com/about/ and about the criteria. (image size and other details) please do visit www.indianmemoryproject.com/terms-conditions/

    I do look forward to hearing from you. You can write me at indianmemoryproject@gmail.com

    warm regards
    Anusha Yadav
    Founder, Indian Memory Project

  15. allybeag 23 months ago | reply

    Hi Anusha
    I did start to write a blog about my grandfather's Darjeeling Connection, but I haven't got very far with it yet. There is an awful lot of information that needs to go into it. What I really want to do sometime is to come over and visit Darjeeling and see the places connected with him, but I need to find some organisation who could fund my journey, if I perhaps make a film of the trip for them, or provided a written story wtih photos.

  16. 唐僧的肉肉1 6 months ago | reply


  17. allybeag 6 months ago | reply

    I wish I could read that last comment ...

  18. 唐僧的肉肉1 5 months ago | reply

    I mean :Thanks a lot, that’s great to find out the old photos , the bridge is very beautiful. :-)
    I Think that This photo must has an interesting story.
    I can read Eng,but write it down......... :-(

  19. allybeag 5 months ago | reply

    Thanks 唐僧的肉肉1 . It's ok - I understand your written English perfectly.

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