beautiful skyy bleu

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    this is my girl.
    I stole her from a house that was starving her to death 12 years ago.
    they would park their car an inch from her face and she was laying in her own feces.
    she was 6 months old and weighed 16 pounds.
    the vet said another week and she would have been dead.
    she was so filthy when I stole her, I thought she was a black and white huskey.
    she's finally slowing down now and it makes me sad.

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    1. farha33 32 months ago | reply

      God bless u

    2. 13misaliss 32 months ago | reply

      She is beautiful!! Awesome story and good for you for doing something about it :)

    3. J's Happy Thoughts 32 months ago | reply

      She is beautiful! Her eyes just melt the heart. Love her story and am so thankful that with you, she's had the life a loyal friend should have. Beautiful shot of your girl.

    4. Marta Rhine 32 months ago | reply

      Thank goodness for your theiving! How did you go about it? I'm curious now!!! I would do the same. She's beautiful! I hope you've framed this. :-)

    5. Elle_Zee 32 months ago | reply

      Beautiful portrait! and I commend you for your initiative in saving this sweet dog.

    6. Shawna Lyn Photography 32 months ago | reply

      Such a sad story. So glad that you stole her and gave her a good life. She is a beautiful dog.

    7. mjryckman 32 months ago | reply

      Awww, what an expression! I have been trying to photograph my dog and cat all week for my wildcard entry - but I'm not having the luck that you seemed to have!

    8. alideck photography 32 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys...I put on all black and at dusk snatched her. The saddest part was, she was curled up in a ball and when I touched her (not knowing what she would do) she didn't move a muscle, she was so weak. ;(

    9. traphotog 32 months ago | reply

      soo glad she found someone to love her!! Beautiful!

    10. Sheryl Salisbury 32 months ago | reply

      Love the story. Beautiful dog.

    11. meadger 32 months ago | reply

      Wow,what a touching story,God Bless you for caring, being so goodhearted & for giving her a loving home..she is beautiful..

    12. kaysadaisy 32 months ago | reply

      You have a HUGE heart...your reward will be in heaven

    13. { Andrea Janes } 32 months ago | reply

      The important things is that she is having a beautiful life with people who care! Beautiful story and she is adorable!

    14. Siobhainin 32 months ago | reply

      what a heart-wrenching story...brought tears to my eyes....she is a beautiful dog and very lucky to have you!!

    15. jaz_on_tour 29 months ago | reply

      This is so touching!! I can't understand the inhumane things people do! I got one of my 6 dogs from a similar situation. The vet didn't want me to take him home for fear he would die that night. Your dog is so lucky to have been saved by you and you are lucky to have her as well. What a beautiful dog. The golden years are hard. :o(

    16. alideck photography 29 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful response. ;) People can be such assholes when it comes to animals, it blows my mind! ;)

    17. WJ framing 23 months ago | reply

      Nice expression!

    18. ArcherPhotography 22 months ago | reply

      Beautiful Animal and fantastic photo. I'm so pleased that you 'stole' her because now it seems she is having a wonderful life.

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