lovely sandy

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The very beautiful and deservedly popular Sandy, he's all grown up now! You can see his adorable blue eyes, and his dear little tailypo is reflected behind him.

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  1. hanjabanja 77 months ago | reply

    axolotls are fantastic :D he is lovely.

  2. ro_jo_sul 77 months ago | reply

    used to have a couple of these years ago. still think they're sort of weird/cool.

  3. only alice 77 months ago | reply

    thank you people, axolotls are BRILLIANT and Sandy is the brilliantest of all.
    Lex shh, don't say that! He's going to live for ever! : o

  4. Alexis Peace Hall 77 months ago | reply

    I didn't mean he's ripe to be passing on. I just meant that he's been around a while and that I was interested in how long they live for. Chech out theis fella though.. now thats weird! Did college with me, and im incredibly jelous of his work, bloody teenagers!

  5. xelia. 77 months ago | reply

    Ah axolotls are adorable!

  6. melchior-alimentaire 77 months ago | reply

    rrrrrr so nice !!!!!

  7. JLow1971 76 months ago | reply

    How adorable, I have never seen one of these before. What a happy little face he's got :-)

  8. Spring Noel 72 months ago | reply

    he looks like he is smiling, so cute=)

  9. Ellenant 70 months ago | reply

    Wow, what a pretty axolotl!
    is this a special breed?
    The blue eyes are beautiful.

  10. only alice 70 months ago | reply

    Thanks all, he is the prettiest.

    Ellenant, I think Sandy is something called leucistic (a bit like albinistic, but as you notice he has 'normal' blue eyes instead of red as in albinism). It is quite common! So, sort of yes, but not deliberately (we didn't breed him ourselves anyway).

  11. magoo² 67 months ago | reply

    I want one =)

  12. Fiendishlyclever 62 months ago | reply

    How sweet! Far cuter than a kitten although perhaps not as cuddley! A super photo!

  13. Onguru_chici [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

    Where'd you get him? Cuz I want one. Dead serious,so please answer.

  14. bakariu 60 months ago | reply

    Nice photo :)

  15. i n i m i n i 46 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Nature Nerds, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  16. Tinyheather [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

    i must get one!

  17. nyzki 18 months ago | reply

    I am curious to know, is Sandy a type of Salamander? He is very interesting and charming.

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