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'Every Day A Little Fewer' - Munich, Germany

'Every Day A Little Fewer' - [Special Series: A unusual love story.. - The End...]

Frozen! Simply frozen! If your heart is icy and frozen over, although you not want to.. when you're sad and you still continue the many questions of why and what really is going on torture.. if you nights of sleep rob you and leave daytime and remotely controlled run through the world.. then it is high time to give you the no longer.. then the time has come to defend you and protect your own life.


But just look out what really happened.. under the ice that has formed from received with cold, the water flows on, undeterred, there does everything for us only slowly seen its course.. there was all the time about everything in the river and there you could not feel sadness before..


To the river of life to come into contact again, can thaw the ice and expose the way of water and life, it requires only the warmth of the sun in your heart.


Look how it sparkles.. only hear how it ripples.. just feel like it flows..

The river of life, he was always there for you. After the ice age and the ever-haunting in circles spinning thoughts, your heart melts slowly on again.


As the water follows its path and constantly meanders through the landscape, so you can also wrap around the obstacles.. You can also contribute so on you can.. Cold and ice you prevent a sham by the river of life. Life goes on.


So we told the little unimportant-looking little brook his story of love and life.. and you will discover that true love has always been and will remain forever! Frozen over.. it was just frozen.. ;-)


Don´t forget it: "If you have the devil sitting in the back, so you will not simply shake him"?

Follow the path 'of your' heart! ... - THE END - (The Outfield - 'Everytime You Cry' ..)




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Taken on March 1, 2012