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'Dreamy Beautiful Fall Day' - Munich, Bavaria, Germany | by ►Klaus Allmannsberger Photography
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'Dreamy Beautiful Fall Day' - Munich, Bavaria, Germany

'Dreamy Beautiful Fall Day' - [Special Series: 'Autumn in Munich'..]

Long after the last few days have so missed, drawn pleasantly warm sunshine the morning mist from the park. They poured out with the slain colors on all sheets of beautiful ancient trees. Who has brought some peace, time and attention, and here in the middle stops the leaves, which presents the nature of their tremendous energy with which it transforms the world. As it advances relentlessly, a new end of a year just to prepare .. to slowly start a completely fresh start.


After twenty, twenty-five summer-winter periods, the man so accustomed to this change, that he no longer distracted by everyday life and bustle of useless exercises where, how, and that he lives. He notes not properly what is happening around him and no longer as powerful and magical it is superb. Often not until many no longer back years later, when people have come to retirement age, when time has obtained for them a very different value than was previously the case, then they set foot on their personal time brakes and enjoy the last autumn sun, take true with a new awareness of the change.


How I so through the print media which is right beside the 'Isar River' ran along I caught myself wanting to capture it all around me with the camera. I ran back and forth, looked at the light, the beautiful colors that only many forms of technology to capture a thought in my head always with good pictures of the show. Although the world was so beautiful to me, I was not really satisfied with all the artwork I saw.


Suddenly I lowered the arm with the camera in hand, breathing deeply and sat down in the glorious sun, decided to photograph now no longer and instead prefer to experience directly that I'm here. Scarcely had I sat down to a feeling of joy was in me wide and I sat a while in the warm light. When I got up at me again to make their way, since I moved away from the footpath as magnetically. I stayed away from standing in the lawn, read the course work on me, turned around its axis, looked into the sky, looked into the branching tree crowns which joined together in all colors above me, took my camera and began a very happy this picture. What a 'Dreamy Beautiful Fall Day' in the middle of Munich. ;-)


'Does not annoy you about unimportant things, catch enjoys every autumn sunshine to your eyes! ;-)


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Taken on November 1, 2010