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A Painted Fantasy at XIV

This image was done as part of the Art and Poetry project at the Museo del Metaverso in Second Life.


My image is based on a poem by Carmen Auletta, titled "The Painted Fantasy". This is an English translation of that poem by Professor Jessica Otey.



I don't know if it appeared by magic,

if I have been there in a dream,

or if i have in mind a photograph--

but I have never forgotten it since.


It is a strange place, a little house

Almost hidden by a church in rose.

There is a sea where a little boat

is at rest, its oars slack, in repose.


Then one morning, when I awoke,

This image remained in my mind,

Strange to say, but it happened just so--

My brushes have a will of their own.


I sit down at the easel,

the colors select themselves,

and I know not by what guide

the painter's art appears.


The canvas is happy and dry,

All prettied and dressed to go.

All it needs is a frame--

Like a necklace to adorn its fame.


My image appears in a big box - an open-ended cube - and avatars can stand or sit within the box surrounded by this image on all sides. I am amazed by this presentation and would like to express my sincere gratitude to Roxelo Babenco for asking me to participate in this Art and Poetry program.


There is more information here ...

and here about the project ...


And this is the taxi to the installation ...

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Uploaded on November 22, 2011