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Narcissa in Her Own Web

JANUARY 17th, 2012:


I am reposting this image because the SIM it was taken in is about to disappear. I have been "active" in Second Life long enough to know that nothing can last forever but I'm particularly sad that this beautiful [:: Lost World::] SIM is soon to be no more. Not to be confused with Mr. Lolmac Shan's quirky build, this other [:: Lost World::] was a wonderland of water and flowers. But there is time if you're quick to enjoy its charms before it goes away. Here is your taxi ...


And then go out and stand in the water and if you have a friend with you ... do hold hands!!




I posted a raw version of this image some weeks back and always wanted to finesse that picture - so here it is, slightly worked up with cobwebs embracing Narcissa as she stares at her own reflection. :D


Oh ... and I smudged all of the jaggy edges of the petals too, which seemed to take forever and more!!


Windlight: the Advanced Sky setting was ElysiumEilde - HazyRed ... I think? But tweaked a bit by moi!! ^^

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Taken on July 2, 2011