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OSX Mountian Lion ... Is your Mac being orphaned?

Do you have an older Mac computer? There is a chance you might be left behind when the next version of OSX is released


I just wrote to Apple expressing my opinion. Here is my letter to them. I urge you to do the same if your machine is being orphaned by OSX 10.8 Mountian Lion


I wanted to register my opinion regarding the next version of OSX not supporting slightly older high end MacPro computers. After downloading the developer preview I learned that it will not install on my MacPro. I own a MacPro 1,1 that I have invested thousands of dollars on by installing 4 multi-TB hard drives, 8GB of RAM, an upgraded BlueRay Optical Drive, a very high end graphics card, and two 30" ACDs. This computer is a dream machine and it works perfectly for me every single day. ... now I learn that this high end machine is "too old" for the new version of OSX because it has a 32 bit "EFI" ... I'm not even sure what the EFI is but I've read that it's something that Apple can fix with an update.

Please consider updating this so that people like me with perfectly good (awesome) machines will not be left behind when OSX 10.8 is released.


Register your opinion here:


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Uploaded on February 25, 2012