• Bias. Own.Ck (South Africa) 3y

    i think the thing i like most about this is that you can see the actual piece properly when you view all sizes! I love the colours in the fill i would never have noticed it was a more purple to red fade if i hadnt looked closer, also the outline colour on this piece is brilliant! nice one!
  • 80's Conspiracy 3y

    always coming with a burner!
  • rewdolf aint donkey 3y

    sick piece man, letters are fresh and colours are boss! oz for the win!
  • PSA_CREW 3y

    really beautiful.... big up


  • NEW2 AFP DMA 3y

    You beat this Aussie to using shines as a light source on the fill color, crossing that off my to do list. Very nice effect! See you in Eindhoven!!
  • Ovelha Negra Aglis 3y

    trabalho perfeito excelente
  • Creatures Crew 3y

    style and color, always top
  • 80's Conspiracy 3y

    Stayin' on top of the sharpness!!
    Dope mate!
  • jasnine dnine 3y

    your my idol!
  • =TACO= 3y

    Always a banger with Kems!! Hopefully we'll be in the same place at the same time soon bruv!
  • Egelemans 3y

    Nice kem ; )
  • amedone da2cRew 3y

    good colors! orange juice!
  • Desra23 3y

    So smooth and fresh!
  • Golden Pest Service 3y

    man always excited for something new, any trips to seattle any time soon? September would be a good month :)
  • Mark Wallsalotte 3y

    Pure fire, that light coffee caramel is perfect.
  • scroezcvk 3y

    Cant think on how I missed this stormer, Deffo what the doctor ordered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Israel De Sousa. 3y

    que estilo!.
  • Above Venezuela 3y

  • Grabzilla FDC 2y

    Mad fresh! Luvin this color scheme
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